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Financial / Career

Are you diplomatic and thoughtful in money matters ? Are you a person who teaches, helps, gives advice? Can you help someone at work but also in financial terms ? Do you work with full dedication and love or the opposite ? Do you dare to have an own opinion, make a choice ? Do you need a new job a new career ?

Here we draw only one card. Think about your question and suggest a spontaneous card. The message that comes up is significant and striking. It gives us courage and good energy in difficult times. It makes you conscious and aware of good and bad matters. It is no coincidence that you draw a card. The energy of the above leads us to the card that we currently need. You'll be amazed by the message you get with the Lenormand cards. Good luck. The display of the cards is a personal interpretation by Colien (medium, card reader since 1990) Astrolux counselor.

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